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Have you ever wanted to see the Earth from amazing perspectives while staring at your desktop? Well, EarthView is a screen saver that provides users with detailed earth views. The EarthView interface really only consists of two tabs: one for screensaver mode and one for wallpaper mode. Users can select either full-screen or partial-screen views and either mode can be activated or deactivated at any time.


The trickiest part about EarthView is downloading this screen saver. EarthView takes a few moments to download and the earth image that will appear takes a few minutes to create (the program will ask users not to disrupt the creation of the earth view during startup). Otherwise, using this program is really quite simple.

Main Function

EarthView was built to provide users with a nice view of the earth while a system is in screensaver or wallpaper mode. The image of the earth that’s presented is nice and clean, details are amazingly accurate, and the overall picture is nice to look at. Even though EarthView is a simple program it’s also a great way to change standard screensaver and wallpaper options.

Extra Features

One fun feature of EarthView is the “Globe Mode” feature. Using this option, users can move the globe around to view any portion of the earth. If you don’t want to view North America, switch the view around to a different part of the globe. Playing with this feature can be a lot of fun!


EarthView is a simple screensaver that provides a nice change of pace for $25. There is also a limited 14-day trial offer that you might want to consider testing out.


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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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